TheMagicTouch WOW 7.8 A3 50 x M sheets only


WoW Transfer Papers enable complex full colour images, logos and photos onto a host of dark garments and fabrics.

A huge advantage of this patented process is the removal of any traditional cutting and weeding requirement.

$280.00 ex. GST


Patented process for printing onto dark garments without any border.

No cutting or weeding process needed !!

The film is versatile and can be pressed onto a wide variety of fabric materials including PVC, non-woven bags, microfibre etc

Compatible with all currently available Toner Systems including ‘oil-less’ Toner Systems

Possible to use with a colour laser/led printer or copier (CMYK), as long no white or light colours are used (coverage 60%)

Box contains 50 A3 M sheets only

Use with T Sheets.

Necessary Accessories/Tools: T.PadT.SealRelease Paper

Price does not include GST.

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