Small Letters – HT Vinyl


Small Height = 3.5 cm

Also available in Medium or Large

Available in a range of colours

Sold separately or in quantities as required

$1.65 ex. GST



Arial Block letters in heat transfer vinyl

Small letter – Height = 3.5 cm

$1.65 each or $1.45 each for 12 or more letters

Available in sublimation-blockout vinyl colours:

White, Black, Red, Yellow, Light Blue or Light Green

(Sublimation blockout prevents the colour of the garment being visible under the number)

Also available in Collegiate Outline font, if required

If your requirements are different to above, give us a call on 02 9773 1817, we will assist you however possible

Price does not include GST

Press to garment for 10 seconds at 160 degrees Celsius

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