TheMagicTouch ORD 8.1 A3 50 sheets

ORD 8.1 is the TheMagicTouch Paper created to decorate Acrylic, Glass and Crystal transferring the Image and a white background in one simple step.
Quantity per box: 50 sheets plus Application Sponge
Necessary Accessories/Tools: Application Sponge
Available sizes: A3, A4 and A4R format
Characteristics: Backside of the transfer has no print

$157.00 ex. GST


ORD 8.1 (Opaque Reverse Decoration) transfer paper gives the user the opportunity to TheMagicTouch ORD Applicationeasily and quickly decorate a comprehensive range of glass and acrylic products in full colour.

Using a traditional heat press printed transfer paper images are applied and fixed to the base of the product taking less than 1 minute. The image is then trimmed and has an optionally finished effect using a flock based self-adhesive covering.

Decorated glass and acrylic has massive potential within the awards, sign, recognition, and photo gift markets, especially when featuring full-colour images that are both accurate and UV stable

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