TheMagicTouch DCT 4.5W – White – 50 x A4 sheets Waterslide

SKU: TP117

DCT continues to be the easiest and most effective methodDCT Applications
of decorating ceramics, candles, glass – in fact, most promotional items that have a non-flat surface.

The DCT 4.5 multilayer film with improved heat resistant resins maintains good stretch properties and is available in clear-light, clear and opaque/white. This product is available in A4 and A3 and boxed in 10 or 50 sheets.

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Special coated water-release slide-off decal transfer paper for non-fabric, smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramics, metals, wax candles, soap, which cannot fit into a heat transfer press or cannot withstand heat.

Perfect for 3D or curved items

If transfer surface allows:  DCT tempered at 180*C for 3 minutes improves durability

Necessary Accessories/Tools: Rubber Squeegee
Box contains 50 A4 white decal transfer sheets
Price does not include GST

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