OKI Pro8432 A3 White Toner Colour Laser Printer

SKU: LP1645

OKI Pro8432 A3 White Toner Printer

Available as:

Printer only


Printer Package which includes ‘Space Control’ software, some papers to try and a few printable items

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Easy-to-use and ideal for creative, graphics arts use, the Pro8432WT prints solid, sharp, bright white colour designs on a wide range of media. A first for digital printing. Currently printing in white with OKI’s ground breaking digital technology, you can now print in-house using white toner alongside High Definition colour.

Our Space Control Software is included in the printer package, it works seamlessly with the  printer for easy preparation and set-up. It comes with too many features to list.

A3 PRO8432 White Toner Colour Laser Printer POA Inclusions
OKI Pro8432WT White toner laser Printer CMYW with Space control software, WOW Pad.

Offsite training is available   POA

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